The Clarinet from Swing to Bebop


Work on the swing and bebop standards, with examples of improvisation imitated from famous clarinetists : George Lewis, Buster Bailey, Barney Bigard, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Woody Herman, Hubert Rostaing, Tony Scott, Buddy de Franco.
The themes are played as samples, and then recorded in "playback" version. It allows to work on personal  improvisations.
Topics: Four in Two Blues - Minus Blues - Black Beauty - Basin Street Blues - St. Louis blues - Shaw Blues - At the Woodshopper's Ball - Blues for DJ - Scotty Blues - Autumn leaves.

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1erecouvsouleu 1After "The Plume of Roseau", "The Island of Gold" and "The Soul of the Earth", Michel Pellegrino comes back to the Provençal language, in the line of his previous recordings: "Pelegrin", "La Fouant de Vido", "Canta" and "Jazzin'Oc".
This new opus presents 12 titles all in Provençal language with their translation in opposite, with reproductions of ink drawings made with the "Canne de Provence", the cane magnify the beauty of the shores and the landscapes of Provence.
Saxophones, clarinets, galoubets, accordion, guitar, piano, percussion, all the instruments mingle with the voice, and magnify the music of the provençal language.

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