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Michel Pellegrino has accompanied some of his CD of books, containing texts, illustrated with drawings made with cane. These works, in limited edition, are a poetic journey around the Arundo donax and the Mediterranean area.

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Livre-CD réunissant musiques, poésies et dessins à la Canne de Provence

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Book and CD with music, poems and drawings with Provence cane. Instrumental and sung texts.

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Book and cd with music, poems and drawings. Instrumental and sung texts.
This book is a musical journey on the shores of the Mediterranean area, with the instruments and vocals of Michel Pellegrino.

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Une promenade autour de la Canne de Provence, de l'anche, et de la Méditerranée... Avec des photographies de Bernard Plossu, des textes de François Carrassan et Michel Pellegrino.

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