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New line of reeds and music accessories, BIOREED products are in harmony with nature and respect for the environment. A great care is taken to produce them, and they guarantee musicians a comfortable and perfect reliability.



Bioreed reeds, from all natural French Riviera canes, guaranteed without fertilizers nor chemicals, have been specially designed by Michel Pellegrino to provide the musicians comfort and ease in playing.



Edit and balance your reeds with Bioreed horsetail ! Warranty natural, it perfectly refine your reeds, and effectively cleans the easiest way possible.
You will find among the accessories the cleaning cloths! With this natural microfiber cloth your instrument will be always clean.



BIOREED ligatures are designed in bright brass without surface treatment, to optimize the dissemination of sound. They include one piece of leather for a perfect maintenance of the reed.


The soil of Provence Cane

The BIOREED reeds are from cane plantations of Var (Provence) strictly free of any chemicals or fertilizers. They are located on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the Var, near the city of Hyeres.