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13 titles in the Provencal language interpreted by Michel Pellegrino, under the pseudonym "Miquèu Pelegrin".
Recorded in his early career, these titles have been requested again by fans of the Provencal language, and are again available on CD, with lyrics and translations.

Titles: La Cansoun Fada, Crida, Tout Acò se Fa, Lou Fantome Pelegrin, Es Mountado dire à la Luno, Canto Canto Prouvènçau, Deman, Flour d'Amelié, Toco lou Viouloun, Plouraras, Lou Vent Siblo, Eisabello, Pelerin.
The texts of the CD are available for download in PDF format.
Tout Acò se Fa:

La Cansoun Fada:

Prix : 15,00€

Number pièces in packaging:1

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