DSC_0105.jpgA statement that describes the life of this unknown botanical species: "Arundo Donax".
Too often mistakenly called "reed", the Arundo Donax is a predominant characteristic elements of Mediterranean landscapes. Neglected for centuries by farmers, "weed" only good for windbreaks and delineate the fields, it is sold for making baskets, "cannisses", "banastes", and other accessories of Provencal basketry...
However, even if we find the cane around the world, it's on the shores of Provence, on the "French Riviera", that the cane acquires, thanks to the Mediterranean sea, the south winds and sunshine, a dimension in art, at once in its exceptional quality for making reeds for musical instruments, and his own ideal strength to perform the work of the finest calligraphy.
Also, since time immemorial, the masterpieces of Arabic calligraphy have immortalized the cane, and musical instruments that use it sing all around the world.

That is until this dimension of creativity that leads this presentation of Arundo Donax, illustrated by videos and projections showing the manufacture of the reeds.
From the botanical aspect itself, the themes of the cultivation of the cane and the modern use of the material, to the poetic aspect illustrated by the exhibition of ink drawings on canvas or on paper made with the "reed pen", everything will be combined to present the "true" portrait of the "Arundo Donax"

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