After his classical studies in clarinet, chamber music, arranging, and composition at the Conservatory, Michel Pellegrino begins to enlarge his musical views in several directions: jazz, world music, and modern music… Through this he develops his unique perspective as both a player and composer.
In addition to numerous appearances with the great jazz players, Michel recorded several jazz CDs, complete with standards and his personal compositions. Michel has also been devoted to music education, founding a music school in Paris where during 12 years he taught and supervised masterclasses and festivals. He is also responsible for the creation and management of music festivals throughout France, especially the annual "Reed Festival" on the French Riviera. Supervising two pedagogical collections found in the Lemoine publisher's catalogue, he writes many books for clarinet and saxophone including a jazz improvisation method series that includes a CD accompaniment for beginners and advanced students.
As a Leblanc artist, he performed concerts and masterclasses all around the world, and was responsible in France for upholding the professional quality for Leblanc’s top range instruments. He also worked on the development of new models and prototypes.